enabled - enable/disable plugin


config.yml since 3.0

true - enabled false - disabled

default: true

minReward/maxReward - here you set default reward values for all blocks; possible rewards: Money, XP

DayLimit - here you set max amount of money & xp player can collect per day

gamemode - specifies on which gamemode player will be rewarded when he places/breaks blocks.

possible values: ALL (default), SURVIVAL, CREATIVE, ADVENTURE

chatMessages - enable/disable chat reward messages

default: false

actionbarMessages - enable/disable actionbar reward messages (works on MC 1.8+)

default: true

NoticeInterval - sets interval for chat/actionbar messages (after X blocks/places message will appear)

default: 20

NoticeSound - sets sound for chat/actionbar messages. You can modify sound name, volume and pitch.

default: true

DisabledWorlds - list of worlds where plugin should not work (players will not get any rewards)

GroupRewardBonusPercent - here you set percentage reward values for specified groups. This works only with "Money" and "VanillaXP" rewards.


Here you can set custom values for certain blocks e.g. stone.


blocks.yml since 3.7

Block name must be MATERIAL.

You can modify Money and XP rewards.

XP must be integer (single number or range e.x.: "1;3")

If you do not want to have e.g. XP reward for STONE, set min and max to 0. If you remove e.g. Money section for STONE, plugin will use default value from config.yml

If you want constant values set min and max equal values.


In this file you can modify most of messages. Color codes are supported.

players.yml Edit

This file is available in version 2.2 and up. Here are stored data used by "DayLimit" option. I don't recommend to do any modifications inside file.

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